Crawl Out Through The Fallout

He talks of his penance, maybe this is mine

Recording at the Quarry 7/02/2018

Posted in Recordings on February 13, 2018 by Zoe Cocker

Today we went out to Greetwell Quarry with Red (Lucy) to film our trailer and record the first scene of the script as we wanted to do it on location to get the right ambiance. This also gave us a chance to get some of the foley sounds for the script like running in gravel. We met up with our actor who plays Red and got a taxi from campus to the quarry, as we where walking from the drop off point we found a nice little road that seemed post-apocalyptic so we recorded red walking down the road. When we got to the quarry we recorded her walking at different areas to cut together later. Our trailer is not going to be long as we plan on making it between 1-2 minutes. As media loans didn’t give us the proper equipment fully, we filmed the trailer on my Iphone as it had the highest quality. Afterwards we recorded the audio for the first scene, then we got foley sound of her running and walking on gravel. That was a wrap on Red.

Last Recording with Eddie and Red in the studio 6/02/2018

Posted in Recordings on February 13, 2018 by Zoe Cocker

This session was the last time we would be recording with Eddie so it was important to us that we get what takes we needed. Before the actors came into the studio we as a team sat down and listened to the recordings of all the previous takes and decided which ones we thought where good and which we would do again. The director decided we would run through it all again as a warm up for the actors because we noticed they needed to run through it first in order to get the best take. Then we will focus on scene 1, 2, and 3 as we felt there wasn’t enough passion in the previous takes. We got into the studio and set up, after our actors came in and got settled we went ahead with going through the script and recording it. I think it went well and we manage to get the last takes we needed, it was a wrap on Eddie.

Recording with Red and Eddie 5/02/2018

Posted in Recordings on February 13, 2018 by Zoe Cocker

We had our first recording with Red, who will be played by Lucy and Eddie in the same room at the usual time 6-9pm. We spent most of it as rehearsals so they could get use to bouncing off each other build up their chemistry together. We recorded all the takes just encase we got any we really liked. We ran through the whole script a couple of times to get them use to be in the studio together and having a person to bounce off of. I think it was a good session as we are thinking of using some of the takes we have in the drama. We still haven’t managed to find a male voice for our thug.

Second Recording 31/05/2018

Posted in Recordings on February 13, 2018 by Zoe Cocker

Our actress for red couldn’t make recording so it was just Eddie again. We decided to use this session as more rehearsal time and to record his lines just encase we had to record red and Eddie separately. We ran through the whole script but left out Edwards Monologue as we felt we had the takes we wanted for that part of the script. We hope that we can get Red and Edward in the same room as i think then we can get them to bounce off each others and get good chemistry between the characters.

First Recording 30/01/2018

Posted in Recordings on February 13, 2018 by Zoe Cocker

For our first recording we finally had some replies for Red but they were unable to attend today recording, we also potential found a wolves person as beth knew a girl with the right voice. We decided as a group that the wolves ‘guy’ could be played be either a girl or guy as long as they could sound rough. We just focused on Edwards monologue in recording. There was some confusion at the start with meeting points, as i thought he would meet us in the room but Eddie waited downstairs for me because of this it meant we didn’t start recording till 9:20. We only needed to do a couple of takes for the monologue as we where happy with eddies performance, while we had the energy we decided to do the last bit of scene 5. It didn’t take us long and we left earlier then the studio was booked for as we are hoping to do the rest of the scenes with Edward and red in the same room. Before Eddie left i checked with him when his availability are as he told me he would no longer be away from the 4-9th of February. He said he could do early next week which is good because it may mean if we get someone we could use tomorrow as rehearsals for the two actors to get to know each other and work on the relationship as characters together.