Crawl Out Through The Fallout

He talks of his penance, maybe this is mine

Recording at the Quarry 7/02/2018

Today we went out to Greetwell Quarry with Red (Lucy) to film our trailer and record the first scene of the script as we wanted to do it on location to get the right ambiance. This also gave us a chance to get some of the foley sounds for the script like running in gravel. We met up with our actor who plays Red and got a taxi from campus to the quarry, as we where walking from the drop off point we found a nice little road that seemed post-apocalyptic so we recorded red walking down the road. When we got to the quarry we recorded her walking at different areas to cut together later. Our trailer is not going to be long as we plan on making it between 1-2 minutes. As media loans didn’t give us the proper equipment fully, we filmed the trailer on my Iphone as it had the highest quality. Afterwards we recorded the audio for the first scene, then we got foley sound of her running and walking on gravel. That was a wrap on Red.

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