Crawl Out Through The Fallout

He talks of his penance, maybe this is mine

Record Foley sounds 9/02/2018

Today we met as a group and helped Oli record some of the Foley sounds for our drama. First we went to the TV studio as they had a large metal door that we thought would be a good sound for our drama, after asking permission, getting in to the studio and recording it we realized it didn’t give us the best sound so we decided to look someone else. while looking we found a small quiet room to record some of the clothes rustling sounds and bag dropping on the floor. With that done we went to my flat to record the sounds of plates and cutley. Afterwards we tested out my doors to see if it made the right sound for us. Oli decided he could probably find the sound online so we left it for now and just focused on the ones we could do. After finishing with the cutley we didn’t need any other sounds recording that day so called it a wrap. Later on i sent out another casting call for the role of wolves thug.

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